If you fail to renew a lease by mistake, what are the options?

Ponsonby Mall Trust Ltd vs New Zealand Food Industries Ltd.

(High Court, Auckland CIV 2005-404-3631, 5 December 2005, Asher J)

When conducting a business in New Zealand, you may become so busy or things happen so fast that you may forget to renew the lease by mistake. What can you do if the landlord wants you out of the premise for this mistake? This may cost your business dearly. Continue reading

The New Zealand – China FTA


A free trade agreement is a trade treaty between two or more countries. A free trade agreement is usually designed to reduce or completely remove tariffs between the participating nations.

The New Zealand – China Free Trade Agreement (theFTA)is a bilateral free trade agreement signed by the People’s Republic of China and New Zealand in April 2008. It is New Zealand’s largest trade deal since the 1983 Closer Economic Relations agreement with Australia. The FTA will be phased in gradually over 12 years, fully coming into force in 2019. Continue reading